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Tess Essentials: the Original Equipment Manufacturer of the slab handling device TESSPAVER 120T

Years of expertise

Tess Essentials | From technical design office to manufacturer of the TESSPAVER 120T

Tess Essentials is the Original Equipment Manufacturer of the TESSPAVER 120T, the slab handling device. We have produced this slab lifter from the beginning. We started as a technical design agency. Now we have renamed our product in TESSPAVER 120T. It is formerly known as TrompEasyLift pro or EasyLift EL Multi in Germany.

Mr. Tromp, a Dutch gardener, had to pave a large garden. He was seated to hand the heavy tiles by hand and dispose of a wheelbarrow. He had an idea to lift and transport tiles. He asked Tess Essentials to improve the concept. We have done this and we have put this slab handling tool in production. Tromp EasyLift, the formerly name of our product refers to Mr. Tromp, a gardener. Not to Mr. Trump from USA.

With us, you can place an order for the TESSPAVER 120T as well.

Meanwhile, this robust yellow slab handling tool has passed all over the world!

Tess Essentials does the production itself. The quality is always controlled by us. It is important that the product is of good quality, is durable and works well. At first side, the TESSPAVER 120T is a simple tool. However if you look further, you will see that each component is well thought out. It is an ingenious design!

TESSPAVER120T and Durable

The TESSPAVER 120T is designed to be a durable product. It is robust and works entirely on manpower. There is therefore no fossil fuel needed. The components are also durable and the device can be recycled.