FAQTess Essentials

What is the time of delivery of your products?
Usually we have all products in stock. Transit time to USA is ca. 7 days. Transit time to Canada is ca. 7 days. Transit time to Netherlands is ca. 1 day.
Do you have a contact person in USA / Canada?
If you would like to order, you can do it in our webshop. Or... at Diamond Tool Store. They use their own price. Diamond Tool Store is selling the TessPaver in USA.
Diamond Tool Store
(T) 1800-342-3876
I live not in the Netherlands, but in USA / Canada.
We deliver to USA and Canada too. The delivery costs to USA or Canada is $200.60. Transit time is ca. 7 days. We deliver to countries in the E.U. If you fill in your registered VAT-number, the VAT will be settled. In this way you do not have to pay the Dutch VAT, because it is an “intra-Community supply”. If you would like to order and the delivery costs are not mentioned for your country, please contact us.
Are you selling just one product?
At the moment we do have just one product. However it is our OWN product!!!
Tess Essentials is the OEM of the TESSPAVER.
We are very proud at our slab handling device TESSPAVER.
The original idea came from Mr. Tromp, a Dutch gardener. We have designed it and made it ready to produce it. Now it is a great tool for every hardscaper!
The TESSPAVER was formerly known as Tromp EasyLift.
I have another question. How can I contact you?
Please fill in the contact form on the page “Contact”. Or call us + 31 (0)6 2940 1691.
Do I receive an invoice?
The invoice will be sent to you by e-mail afterwards. If you would like to receive an invoice in advance, please contact us.