TessPaver 120s

TESSPAVER 120s Slab lifter (formerly known as Tromp EasyLift)

Lift, transport and lay slabs and paving stones quick and easy. Our unique design allows to picked up slabs simultaneously, transport to the required location and seamless lay the individual slabs in succession.

It's innovative Dutch design and quality Dutch construction means it's well-made and indestructible.


Article number: 000531 | Paving slab lifting tool

Range 30cm to 120cm with 2 ½ cm increments

Max. load capacity 150kg

(formerly known as TrompEasyLift)

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Multifunctional Options:
Pick up a stack of tiles
Transport effortlessly
Seamlessly lay tiles

Makes picking up, transporting, and laying down slabs simple and easy. The TESSPAVER 120s is indispensable for every Hardscape Professional. Do more in a day’s work, less physical stress!!

More production in less time

  1. TESSPAVER 120s makes for easier work flow: Picking up, transporting and laying with one handling device.
  2. TESSPAVER 120s is the right choice for the removal of old slabs. You first pry the old slabs loose, pick them up and remove them. You can pick multiple slabs at the same time which makes the TESSPAVER 120s a very efficient tool.
  3. With the TESSPAVER 120s you grab a stack of new tiles, transport them and lay the tiles one at the time seamlessly.
  4. The TESSPAVER 120s has an adjustable blade. This makes it possible to pick up, transport and to lay tiles seamlessly (thickness: 3 to 8 cm).

Clamping range of 30 to 120 cm (12 to 48 inch)

  1. The TESSPAVER 120s has a standard clamping range of 30 to 120 in increments of 2 ½ cm
  2. The height of the clamp allows the transport of a stack of tiles at once (up to 25 cm height).
  3. You can transport L-elements, U-elements and concrete steps.
  4. You can lift and transport 150 kg at once.

Large clamping force with little effort required

  1. Unlike a hand truck, the ergonomically designed lever of the TESSPAVER 120s avoids a tipping point which can leadto injuries and damaged product. This ensures that you have more control when positioning the tile and surprisingly little force is required to move heavy tiles.
  2. The TESSPAVER 120s allows you to handle heavy tiles without ever having touching them with your hands. Additionally, you can carry multiple tiles in each load. The minimal effort means reduced physical strain providing an efficient transport which translates into more production in one day. The TESSPAVER 120s quickly pays for itself!

Easy to transport

  • The ergonomically designed lever can go on and off easily.
  • The TESSPAVER 120s needs surprisingly little space and is easy to transport.

Maintenance Schedule

The TESSPAVER 120s requires very little maintenance over its lifetime. The ball bearings chosen are lubricated for the life. All moving parts are galvanized.

Periodic (monthly) maintenance

  • Check tire pressure
  • Lightly lubricate all the moving parts with any of the following:
    • Waterproof grease
    • WD40
    • Engine oil

Cleaning Suggestions

Routinely cleaning and lubricating the TESSPAVER 120s extends the life of the product.

Warning: Do not use a pressure washer to clean the TESSPAVER 120s. Water will be pushed into the ball bearings and eventually destroy them.

Require additional parts? All parts are always in stock. A quick phone call or email will start the process to get what you require out quickly.

  • Clamp range 30 - 120 cm (12 to 48 inch)
  • Suitable for products having a thickness of 3 to 8 cm (1 to 10 inch)
  • High clamp. Height max 25 cm.
  • Maximum burden 150 kg
  • Dead weight 40 kg
  • This product is patented
  • Tarif code/ hs code 8427 9000
Awesome product, i really like it!

This product works great!

How much can the TESSPaver 120Tlift (formerly known as Tromp Easylift pro or EasyLift EL Multi)?
The TESSPaver 120T has a guaranteed maximum carrying weight of 150kg. This weight may consist of a stack of tiles of e.g. 40x60cm, but also from a 100x100cm tile.
I have a tile of 30x30cm. Can the TessPaver 120T pick these up and lay them seamless?
Yes, the TessPaver 120T is suitable for tiles from 30cm to 120cm (12 to 48 inch). The clamb can be adjusted in 2.5 cm (1 inch) increments. Other sizes can also be processed, but the U-frame must be adjusted. The TessPaver 120T is therefore suitable for many different size tiles. The thickness of the tile may vary from 3 to 8 cm (1 to 3 inch)
How long is the TESSPAVER on the market?
The TESSPAVER 120T has been on the market for more than 5 years. In the beginning it was only available in the Netherlands. Nowadays, the EasyLift is increasingly crossing the border! The TESSPAVER 120T is formerly known as Trompeasylift, Easylift pro and EasyLift EL Multi.
How does the TESSPAVER 120T work with surprising light?
The lever is slanted. You push the lever. Because of this little power is needed to lift heavy tiles! The physical load on your back is negligible.
What makes the TESSPAVER 120T unique?
  • Has a wide range: from 30cm to 120cm with 2.5cm increments.
  • Is multifunctional. Can pick up, transport and lay tiles.
  • Can transport a stack of tiles and afterwards you can put the tiles in succession.
  • Little power, much done. The lever is slanted. Because of this you need little power to lift heavy tiles!
  • Easy to transport. The lever is detachable and then occupies little space.
  • Is very robust. Dutch design, Dutch quality.
  • Is patented.
Is the TESSPAVER 120T patented?
Yes, the TESSPAVER 120T is patented!
I have received the TESSPAVER 120T. How do I assemble it?
What is the "job position" and what is the "parking position"?
You can easily adjust the position of the lever or arm with a button on the side of the arm. If you slide the button up, unlock the lever and you can set the lever higher or lower. If the lever is fully upright, then it is in the "parking position". If you go to work, put the lever in position 4 or 5 depending on your body length. The lever is then tilted. It is your intention to push the lever. This way you do not have a bothering "kicking moment" like a hand truck! It gives better control over the movement and you can position the tile much better.
What about the warranty?
The warranty period for the TESSPAVER 120T is 12 months. No warranties are given if the defects are due to: eg normal wear, improper use, improper or improper maintenance, etc. See also our terms and conditions.
Are the extensions included?
Yes, the TESSPAVER 120T comes complete with extensions and the plank. With the extensions mounted you can pick up, transport and lay the large tiles from 80cm to 120cm.
How do I install the extensions?
What is the plank for?
The tile slide out of the TESSPAVER 120T. How do I fix this?
The clamp is too tight. How do I fix this?
Every TESSPAVER120T is adjusted as well as possible. If the clamp will not slide properly over the tile the clamp is too tight. The clamp should be adjusted slightly wider. Check the "Adjusting Clamping Force" page in the manual. "Clamping force" Or view the instructional video on our YouTube channel
How do I pick up old tiles and transport them with the TESSPAVER 120T?
The TESSPAVER 120T is multifunctional. It can pick up, transport and lay tiles. You can pick up tiles from an existing terrace or tile path. You do not need a shovel to crush between the tiles. No, you lower the knife. The knife needs to be lower than the wheels, so you can push the knife between the tiles and get the tile out of the ground. Depending on the size and the weight, you can pick up a few tiles one after the other.
Can I order parts?
Parts can also be ordered separately. Find the relevant component in the "exploded view" and email us the article number. You will then receive the price and shipping costs.
How do I maintain the TESSPAVER 120T?

During the design of the TESSPAVER 120T we have deliberately chosen for a low-maintenance concept. The ball-bearings in the wheels are self-lubricating. The shaft is mounted in maintenance-free sliding bearings. All moving parts are galvanized. The remaining parts are provided with two layers of powder coating. It is advisable to check the tire pressure with some regularity. Of course, cleaning and subsequent lubrication prolong the life of the product. Maintenance is conservation. Periodic maintenance (monthly) is easy to run on your own:

  • Cleaning the TESSPAVER 120T
  • Warning: Do not use a high pressure cleaner when cleaning the TESSPAVER 120T. Due to the high pressure, water can penetrate into the bearings.
  • Check tire pressure
  • Light lubrication of moving parts with:
    • A little waterproof grease
    • Engine oil
    • WD40 multispray
Where can I find the manual?
There are two manuals: The ''Instruction manual'' and the “manual”.